Designed to create waves and curls depending on the particular needs of natural or treated hair. The result is a well-defined and long-lasting wave that is not aggressive on the scalp or the hair structure. The presence of soothing ingredients helps reduce potential irritation and leaves hair feeling soft, protecting its sheen and colour.

Directions for use:
Apply perma to clean, towel-dried hair that has been wound around curlers. Allow to rest. Rinse thoroughly in warm water for 5 minutes. Apply perma fix and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Delicately remove the curlers and apply perma fix again. Allow to rest for a further 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly in warm water for 3 minutes.

Resting time: 8/12 minutes on colour-treated hair, 15 minutes on natural hair.

Active principles:
Silk proteins: thanks to their marked velvety and moisturising characteristics, they ensure the hair and scalp are soft and hydrated.
Conditioning polymers: reduce the risk of damage to the hair.

1000 ml





Universal neutralizing solution developed for use in synergy with perma.

Active principles:
Keratin amino acids: take care of the hair structure, restore water balance
A complex of mineral trace elements that helps re-establish the correct structural balance necessary for hair well-being. Identifies the damaged part of the hair and releases the treating minerals in a selective manner.

1000 ml